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'RADIO nuages' is distributed around the world by LIVE365 presenting creative background music with a touch of jazz and classical- perfect for working, studying, meditation, creativity and entertaining. Selected by many business offices as their source for environmental music. Basic mix of acoustic contemporary instrumental music aka NEW AGE.

New Age Album "Winds Of Samsara"

New on the RADIOnuages playlist from Award-Winning Indian Producer Ricky Kej and Award-Winning South African Flutist Wouter Kellerman... Ricky Kej A true wizard of the keyboard, manuscript page, and recording studio, Kej has earned multiple awards and honors for his composition and production exploits.

Peter Calandra, Inner Circle

Peter Calandra is a New York City-based composer and keyboard player. He has scored 40 films including: Pat XO (2013 ESPN), BearCity2 (2012 Sharp Left), OWLAG Documentary (2012 Harpo, Lookalike), Unlikely Animal Friends 3-7 (2011-2012 NAtional Geographic) Rise (2010, Lookalike Productions, USFSA), Unmatched (2010 Lookalike Productions, ESPN), Dreams At The End Of A Rope (2010 Remy Award, Houston Film Festival), Red Right Wrong (2009 Stock’s-Eye Films) Let It Out The Movie (2008 Lookalike Productions, Kleenex, USOC) Night Into Day (2008 Lookalike Productions, Selection 2008 Los Angeles Short Film Festival), Trip To The Planetarium (2008 Licorne Films, Selection Cannes Film Festival) The Sickness (2007 Antidote Films) Jellysmoke (Winner 2005 Los Angeles Film Festival, Nominee 2006 Independent Spirit Award), Unknown Soldier (2004 CL Productions feature film, Winner 2004 Los
Angeles and Philadelphia Film Festivals, Nominee 2005 Independent Spirit Award). Although he is best known for his extensive body of work in film and TV soundtracks, composer/ pianist Peter Calandra steps into the spotlight in his other role as a recording artist of his own music with the release of his imaginative new CD, Inner Circle. The album sparkles, reflecting a rainbow spectrum of his musical influences ranging from classical to new age, jazz, Latin, and more.

Ann Sweeten Tapestries of Time

The new album, Tapestries of Time, by award-winning pianist and official “Steinway Artist” Ann Sweeten has been added to the playlist of RADIO nuages. In her words: “The pieces on this album have to do with time in some concept or other. There may be a direct reference, a captured moment, an isolated experience or inspiration drawn from a particular event, the idea of infinity and limitless possibility.” Tapestries of Time marks the 10th release from this multi-talented artist.

Joseph Akins' A SOUTHERN SUN album added to RADIO nuages

A Southern Sun - Solo Piano Original from Joseph Akins:

Now being heard on RADIO nuages around the world. 
 Here Are TWO  Reviews...

MainlyPiano by KathyPiano7 "A Southern Sun" is the fifth solo album from pianist/composer Joseph Akins and the first of all new originals in more than four years. Akins wanted this collection of fourteen piano solos to reflect his southern roots more than his previous albums, and while "A Southern Sun" does just that, he by no means abandoned his jazz or new age stylings. Akins is an incredible pianist - one of the best, in my book - with a sunny and positive outlook on life, and those factors are even more apparent on this album than in his previous work. He is also a professor of recording industry at Middle Tennessee State University and holds advanced degrees in jazz piano and electronic music and a doctorate in education. I love this album from the first note to the last and expect it to be on my list of Favorites for 2013.

Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus by MDiamond
The title of Joseph Akin’s latest recording, A Southern Sun, provides some insight into the inspiration for the music. As he describes: “I wanted this album to reflect my southern roots more than my previous albums. I kept this in mind while creating it.” Yet there is a distinct musical identity that is present in whatever piece he is playing. I admire an artist who can explore diverse musical terrain, yet maintain a continuity that allows the various elements to sound like they all belong to a body of work. Joseph Akins is a supremely gifted pianist and composer with a flair for writing memorable melodies and performing them with great style and emotion. Fans of innovative piano music will certainly enjoy basking in the warm glow of A Southern Sun.

Prayerful Improvisations: Solo Piano Album

Solo piano improvisations based on original themes and hymn tunes. A reflective and prayerful musical experience. Album selections added to the radio playlist of RADIO nuages. Peter writes: "The short of it is that I feel compelled to produce a solo piano album that embodies these two concepts: prayer and improvisation. The goal is to capture some of these musical moments that I have experienced over the years during prayer and worship. My hope is that the music will bring healing, comfort and enjoyment to all who listen. It would be an incredible blessing if you would partner with me on this project. If you have any questions or thoughts about this project, please contact me. I am more than happy to discuss it with you".

Movements of the Heart by David Lanz on RADIO nuages

Heads up, solo piano lovers - especially lovers of David Lanz's solo piano music! "Movements of the Heart" is Lanz's first CD of all new original piano solos since his 2008 release, "Painting the Sun." Beloved throughout the world for his silky piano touch and soulful music from the heart, Lanz returns with some of his most passionate music to date. The majority of the thirteen tracks are on the slower, more romantic side, with a couple of exceptions that spice up the tone of the album as a whole and a few that feel more free-form and spontaneous. Excellent from the first note to the last, "Movements of the Heart" was well worth the wait!

Timothy Wenzel's River Serene

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Melodic and memorable New Age/Contemporary instrumentals that fully engage the RADIO nuages listener and transport them to new realms. American-born artist Timothy Wenzel writes and plays highly engaging electro-acoustic Contemporary Instrumental/New Age/Celtic music. His debut album, "Mountains Take Wing" was selected as a Best New Age Album of 2012 by New Age Music World. His second album, "A Coalescence of Dreams" (October 2012) received widespread airplay and acclaim, climbing to #6 in the International New Age Charts (Zone Music Reporter) in 2013. This is his third album. River Serene, was mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Corin Nelsen. It was released November 23, 2013 on the Coyote Floe label. - See more at: LINK

David Nevue's new album added to RADIO nuages playlist

David Nevue's 14th solo piano album, OPEN SKY, is a musical expression of freedom, exploration and the exhilaration that comes from seeing and experiencing new things. It celebrates those wide awake moments when you feel truly alive... almost as if you were somehow standing a little closer to heaven. The album contains thirteen original solo piano compositions plus Nevue's unique arrangements of Scarborough Fair, The Water is Wide, For the Beauty of the Earth and Morning Has Broken.

Scott D Davis' album TAHOMA added to RADIO nuages playlist

Review... "Davis plays with passion and vibrance. The energy and joy in Davis’ music is very palpable." --Kathy Parsons, solo piano publications

Product Description... Ranging from delicate to energetic, the music on this album is inspired by Scott's many backcountry wildernes adventures. Solo piano.

Sherry Finzer's TRANSFORMATION CD added to RADIO Nuages playlist

5.0 out of 5 stars Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus August 1, 2013 By Michael Diamond Format:MP3 
Music Although they have performed and recorded with numerous other musical artists, Sherry and Darin deeply appreciate the acoustic alchemy they create together. On the opening track, a whisper of dreamy synthesizer sets the stage for Darin's guitar intro. I was immediately impressed with the rich reverberant tone of his instrument, as well as the nostalgic ambience his finger-style playing evoked. At just the right moment, Sherry's flute glides in gracefully, accentuating Darin's delicate phrasing. People who enjoy Will Ackerman's music will sense a kindred spirit in Darin's playing. The composition entitled, "Reflection," is one of Sherry's. Like the first track, there is also an air of nostalgia about it, with perhaps a trace of wistfulness. It is a lovely haunting melody that speaks to Sherry's talents as a composer and her ability to imbue a song with deep emotion. "White Sky In November" paints an impressionistic portrait in hushed tones of winter. Long sustained flute notes wander a stark guitar landscape with a mist of melancholy in the air. On a track called "Jane's Song," the duo is joined by Jane Merial Hilton on viola, adding warm woody string tones that flowed like honey. Having greatly enjoyed Sherry's previous solo CD's, I was equally impressed with her role as a musical partner in a duo. Never overplaying, her notes and phrases are exquisitely chosen to perfectly compliment Darin's tasteful and expressive guitar work. The earthiness of the acoustic guitar combined with the airy quality of the flute blend in sweet harmony creating a musical atmosphere that lends itself to relaxation, meditation, yoga, intimate moments, etc. This is music that would work equally well for active listening or as a background soundtrack, and could appeal to listeners who enjoy ambient, new age.

Written by Darin Mahoney (BMI) for the album Transformation (Heart Dance Records), The Door tells a story of life's choices, and how each one of us chooses our destiny by the selection of our Doors. Sherry Finzer adds her unique and emotional melodies on the flute to Darin's beautiful and rich guitar.

Huiya Chen

As a child growing up in China, I heard music in my head all the time. I danced to the melodies that passed through my tiny mind, turning in circles while humming these mysterious sounds. We were very poor at that time and we didn’t have music. The only music I ever heard was in my head and I dreamed of becoming a composer. Of course, music lessons were impossible. When I was older, we moved to Macau. I went to a church and saw a piano for the first time. I loved listening to the piano in that church but my parents made me stop. They already thought I was different because I was left-handed so they made me use my right hand. When they told me turn left, I went right. When they told me that I dropped something on the floor to my left, I said," Where?" They were starting not to trust me anymore. When I went to the church, they thought I was doing something bad there. I stopped going because I did not want them to worry. We moved to Eugene, Oregon, when I was 17-years-old. I heard you could play the pianos in the University of Oregon’s music department for free. One day, I rode my bicycle there at 9 a.m. and started playing. It seemed like minutes had passed but I became thirsty and cold and shaky. When I went into the dark hallway, it was 11 p.m. Time means nothing when I am playing music. Later, we moved in Salem and I found a music store that I loved. I would pretend that I wanted to buy something. I would touch their instruments, trying to play the music that I heard in my head. I had saved $1200 to go back to Macau to visit Kam Meng, my fiancĂ© at that time. But one day, I bought a piano instead. That was sad for him, but I thought I was not good enough for him anymore. I loved this piano so much that I forgot I was living in an upstair apartment. Fortunately, the store was able to deliver it anyway. When my parents saw it, they were scared and unhappy. They didn't understand my music and they didn't want me to play. I was afraid to play because I didn’t want my music to upset them. I was very sad all the time because I thought everything I did was wrong. I felt worthless. Even after Kam Meng and I moved to Newport and opened our own restaurant, I was afraid to try anything new. But that started to change when a local artist name Helen Kropp noticed that my daughter, Tinha, loved art. She gave us watercolor paints and paper for Tinha to use. It looked interesting to me so, with Helen’s encouragement, I painted pictures of sunsets. My daughter’s name means sunset. I painted two pictures and put them in the window. A gallery owner came in and said that I could sell them. He was right. Within a week, both paintings sold. Art made me feel good. Many people encouraged me and bought my paintings, including fisherman who commissioned pictures of their boats. Although music was my first love, I gave it up because no one was able to understand my music. I was making everyone unhappy when I tried to play. I thought everything I did was no good for the people around me. I became very nervous all the time. Every time we ate out, I spilled water. When I went shopping, I dropped money. I could not focus because I was worried that people thought there was something wrong with me and that I was no good. Kam Meng tried to protect and comfort me. We moved from our little bay front restaurant to a new, bigger location and started having problems. Some people said the restaurant was failing because I wouldn’t listen to them. My daughter was clinically depressed. They blamed me for her depression because they said I spoiled her. I prayed that God would take my life and give my daughter happiness. But God knows what you really want. I worked hard to try to make our business work. We couldn’t afford to hire many helpers so Kam Meng and I worked all the time and we were exhausted. One night my husband put the money from our business in a bag and carelessly set it in the unlocked car. Someone stole it. All of our work was for nothing. But that made me realize an important lesson. Why work so hard for money when it could be gone so easily? There was no point in stressing. Losing that money made me feel free. Right after we lost the money, my husband moved my piano to the restaurant. Business was slow so I played at work when no one was around. I didn’t mind any more that business was slow because it gave me the opportunity to play. I started to pray through my music. I asked God to help me. One day, a man was outside our restaurant and he heard my music. He thought I was playing a famous artist's CD. He wanted me to turn on the CD again because he loved the music. He was surprised to learn that I was playing the piano live. He wanted me to play something for him. I told him I didn’t want to disturb the customers but he said, “The music I just heard is from heaven. You have to share it with us.” So I played a couple of original pieces for him. He was touched by my music and cried. I cried, too, because he was the first person in my life to tell me that my music was good. I started to share more of my music with my customers. More of them started to encourage me and now I perform in our restaurant, Kam Meng, to a full house every time I want to play. Of course, I learned not to overdo it. I remember I went crazy at the beginning and played anytime people asked me to -- even when my restaurant was very busy! It was driving my mom crazy. She yelled at me when I performed because she was so worried that my playing would cause us to lose our business. I was mad at her because I couldn't understand why she was not happy for me. I even wrote a song about her at the time called, "Be happy for me." It is a very sad song. But now, I realize that she may be right because I have been receiving some bad comments about my music via e-mail and on-line reviews, such as Google,, urbanspoon, and Yelp. There are people who really don't like me playing music while they eat in my restaurant! But, I won't give up music because of them. My husband encouraged me and he said, "Huiya, you have to remember that your dream, your happiness and yourself are very big to you and me, but the restaurant is only a small part of us. Those people do not understand what we are doing. They are just as small as dust. We have a long journey ahead of us. Please don't let anything take away your big dream!" And I asked him, "If we lose our restaurant because of my music, will you regret it?" He said, " No regrets. I am proud of you because you are doing something like this in your life. I am very proud to have you in my life." He made me cried. Anyway, now I only playing music for the people who really wish me to play, because I don't have time to play for the people who don't care for it. I never took lessons. I can’t read or write music. I hear music in my head and that is what I play. I can play the same piece a hundred times but I can’t write it down so someone suggested that I record it so it isn’t lost. Customers started asking if they could buy my CDs. I felt embarrassed because my recordings don’t sound as good as what I hear in my head but people insisted. I used one of my paintings on the case and started selling them in our restaurant. To make myself feel better about selling it, I said to myself, "I am not selling my music, but I am just selling my painting and it comes with music." Wow, it scared me! I sold about 500 CDs in just two months for $ 17.95 each. I was so happy because I had enough money to fix up my old piano. Even though I am still not allow to play music at home, I also bought another piano for my house. I am so lucky! I am blessed! One day, I was playing a song and my father asked me if it was from China or the United States. I said, “Neither. I just made it up.” He couldn’t understand how I could play something over and over without having it on paper. He said he liked my song. That was the first compliment he ever gave me. I was so excited that my brain kept writing happy music. So I called this piece, "Your first compliment." One day, my mom asked me, "How many CDs have you sold today?" I said, "About ten." She asked, "How many songs do you have on your CD?" I said, "Fifteen and it is about an hour long." Then she said, "Really. How come I only hear you playing two notes over and over again -- ding, ding, ding?" I laughed, At that moment, I realized that some people really have a different way of hearing and seeing. They could not see me, hear me, or understand me the way I view myself. Not because they don't love me, but because they see the world differently, with varying ways of feeling, experiencing, and dreaming. Sometimes, I get mad at myself, too. I should not be unhappy just because people don't agree with, or understand, me. They are not me and it is not their job to accept me. Instead, I need to simply understand, love, and accept myself more. Even if I am different, I need to be myself. I am so glad that I found God. He found a way to teach me about life and make me understand that each one of us is unique and special just the way we are. Even though the whole world is changing everyday. I know we should never let ourselves, or anyone else, change who we truly are. I also realized that everything happens for a reason. I am not worried anymore because God has already planned everything for us. That's why we are all here today. That's why we all have amazing experiences and great life stories to share. It is a miracle that I can share my life experiences though my music today. Anyway, my daughter got the help that she needs and is happy now. Through all of this, I learned that life is not about being wrong or right. It is about learning from our everyday experiences and figuring out how to nurture the dreams that God planted inside of us. My dream is to study music when my son is grown. He is young so I have a long time to wait. But I don’t care. I have found this bit of happiness and I could die tomorrow and feel fulfilled. ----The Story about my album "With Loving Gratitude"---- Music comes to me when I am sad. But ironically, this makes me happy because my sadness is translated into the prettiest music. When the music on this CD came to me, I felt tremendous gratitude. As I sat at the piano letting this music flow through me, I felt thankful for everything that I already have in life. I saw the image of me standing in the center of the world and looking up at the beautiful, vivid clouds racing through the sky and the world was turning and I was turning with it and praising God. I could see tears in my eyes and I fully experienced how blessed I really am. I once read, "God will never leave you empty, He will replace everything you lost. If he asks you to put something down, he wants you to pick up something greater." So I am just enjoying every minute I have and trusting God's plan for me. This lovely piece of music is called "With Loving Gratitude." Playing music keeps me moving forward and enjoying everyday. I feel like I am on top of world now, even though we live modestly. The image of me praising God inspired the title of another song on this CD. It is call "On Top of the World." Sometimes I have to pinch myself see if this is real. People all over the world are listening to my music and it is even on the radio now. Recently, God's plan for me was to focus all my energy on creating and recording this CD myself, even though it meant I didn't sleep until it was finished. If you find your true self and do what you love, you will never feel tired, but rather energized every day. Time moves very quickly. Every minute is important so don’t let them get away. One hundred years can be gone in an instant. 4-28-2013 My website:

AL CONTI's The Blue Rose on RADIO Nuages playlist

Al Conti's website
Al Conti is a GRAMMY® nominated composer, arranger, producer and multi-
instrumentalist. His album 'Northern Seas' garnered a GRAMMY® nomination, made Amazon's Top 10 list for Best New Age Albums of 2010 and reached #2 in the Zone Music Reporter's Top 100 chart for October 2010. His album 'Scheherazade' topped the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart at number 1. This is his fifth release, an ancient tale told through music, exploring themes as ancient as time. Conti masterfully weaves music and narrative entrancing the listener and blending modern and ancient sensibilities. Beautifully crafted, peaceful, unpretentious yet powerful, Conti has once again shown his versatility by creating a work of deep emotion that will be undoubtedly welcomed by his audience. This release, featuring the talents of award winning artist Ann Licater, is the next step in Conti s cultural journey which has positioned him as one of the most innovative talents in New Age/World music today. A princess, a rose, and a quest for the unattainable. Faced with the prospect of an undesirable marriage, a princess devises a plan: the man she will agree to marry must profess his love by finding the impossible... a blue rose. Knowing such a rose does not exist in nature, the princess rests, confident that she has escaped marriage and is in control of her own destiny. But destiny has other plans and the unattainable rose - the impossible love - suddenly manifests and her heart is swept away.

Also by Al Conti:


In the afterglow of her international award-winning album Crystal Keys, Australian artist Lia Scallon has poured heart and soul into crafting her follow up release, The Luminous Pearl. Singing in what she calls a Language of Light, Lia’s angelic invocations have a mystical air, reminiscent of songs from the movie “Avatar” or “Lord Of The Rings.” In addition to the heavenly, ethereal sounds for which Lia is well known, this new release also features earthy percussive rhythms, and the aboriginal ambiance of the didgeridoo.
Lia's Webpage | Lia Scallon at

Selections from Scott August's HIDDEN JOURNEY added to RADIO nuages playlist

Native American flute music by Scott August
Available through
Set out on an exciting and invigorating adventure into the secluded backcountry of the American Southwest. Evocative ancient flutes, powerful tribal drums, fiery latin guitars, soothing pianos, and an assortment of exotic world-instruments will accompany you on your red rock adventure. Bask in warm deserts. Hike between cool canyon cliffs. Discover a hidden oasis. Explore an ancient ruin. Scott August s powerful soundscapes will stimulate your soul and enchant your spirit as they guide you on your own Hidden Journey.