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Bertrand Loreau

Bertrand Loreau is one of the most talented artists in the field of progressive electronic music. On this album you hear a hint of Jarre, a hint of Schulze, a hint of Froese and a good patch of french emotion that supply a great harmonic and dreamy charme. To be recommended to all fans of traditional electronic music (end of 70s, early 80s), who like the old sounds of Hoenig, Froese (Stuntman-era) or the early Jarre- and Schulze classics.

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VIDEO: Bertrand Loreau Live Fleuriaye 1996 

Lambert Ringlage

German composer Lambert Ringlage, born on 26th October 1966, is busy making electronic music since 1982. The origin of his musical doings go back to Rock'n Roll-music as he played drums and electric guitar. Lambert discovered his preference for electronic music when he listened to the album "Stratos Fear" by "Tangerine Dream" for the first time. Sun is a hypnotic , sequence- driven track. Excellent music according to me! From Lamberts cd: " Essential". http://www.sphericmusic.de?


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Forrest Smithson, new age music composer

A lifelong musician, creating masterful excursions into new territories of lyrical and modern musical textures and atmospheres. Forrest’s musical creations emerge from a natural affinity for embracing diverse elements and variables of sound coming from multiple locations and holding them in awareness as a unified event.
WEB SITE     VIDEO: Intensities arrive from multiple sources, providing for a deepening experience of convergence within An energetic pulse propels and carries awareness through sonic scenes of humanity and nature Uncommon relationships emerge as sounds and timbres convene to form an expressive landscape of unity Lyrical expressions accompany the shaping of textures as the arriving elements weave into territories of convergent intensity All the while, traversing new possibilities, activating unique correlations, and inviting the discovery of new pathways Combining to create a here-ness of immersion that presents awareness with a completed journey through a soundscape of power and beauty Music "Sphere" by Forrest Smithson

DEUTER Reiki: Hands Of Love

As human beings, we have endless possibilities to share. One of those possibilities is the healing and caring that can be expressed through our hands. The magic of love, the power of love, and the healing energy of love expressed in a touch. The loving touch of the human hand gives us the feeling of being cared for, the awareness of being appreciated, and the feeling of being secure and loved. Reiki Hands of Love is designed to gently help this process by being a friendly energy in the background. It is a harmonious flow of sounds and melodies, compassionately supporting the act of calming and healing.


Carmen was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and has had a strong love of music all his life. His mother told stories of him as an infant crawling closer to the stereo speakers to better hear the music. “When my father was born, his father bought a player baby grand piano for him, ironically, He never played the piano. My siblings took some piano lessons on it, but it did not get played much until I was ten and I started learning". At 16 he began to compose original pieces and explore creatively....more: WebSite


MY BELOVED latest album by pianist Michael Dulin

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Michael Dulin is internationally acclaimed as a pianist, composer and producer whose music is so much more than entertainment. Like the best friend who always knows the right thing to say, Michael’s music warms your heart and touches your soul just when you need it. From the age of two, it was apparent that Michael had an exceptional gift for music. After attending Alabama School. My Beloved is a new and intensely personal album by pianist/composer Michael Dulin. It is a beautifully melodic and passionate testament to enduring love, inviting you to live your own love story through these 12 unforgettably romantic solo piano songs. My Beloved blends classic and contemporary influences to create a beautifully melodic collection that critics are saying IS LIKE A LONG AND PASSIONATE LOVE LETTER and MAKES EVERY TIME YOU LISTEN TO IT FEEL LIKE VALENTINE'S DAY. Live and relive the magic of great love, through the prism of these timeless and evocative love songs.

VIDEO: Michael Dulin performs his song "Beloved" Internationally-acclaimed pianist, producer and composer Michael Dulin's new work "Beloved" captured while rehearsing for a concert at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, PA; he was there to fundraise for a library expansion project. "Beloved" was released in January 2015; sheet music also available at www.michaeldulin.com.


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