RADIO nuages

'RADIO nuages' is distributed around the world by LIVE365 presenting creative background music with a touch of jazz and classical- perfect for working, studying, meditation, creativity and entertaining. Selected by many business offices as their source for environmental music. Basic mix of acoustic contemporary instrumental music aka NEW AGE.

Among the Missing, David Pritchard

Among the Missing is now on the Internet stream. It features more music for multiple acoustic guitars as well as five solo guitar pieces. Guest artists include Leif Woodward, cellos and viola da gamba, Kevin Tiernan and Ioannis Markoulakis, additional guitars, Steve Anderson, electric bass, and Christopher Garcia, percussion. This impressive followup to his last album, Vertical Eden, features more original music for multiple acoustic guitars mixing elements of jazz, minimalism, Brazilian, and Early Music into a stunningly beautiful listening experience.

Jeff Pearce, With Evening Above


"With Evening Above" is the first ambient guitar album from Jeff Pearce since his "Bleed" album in 2002. Inspired by many summer nights of stargazing, the music on "With Evening Above" covers the styles that Jeff has become known for in the past 21 years- the gentle rhythms of the title track, the slow-motion beauty of "The Same Stars", the meditative ambient drift of "After Dark"- all created with only electric guitar and complex signal processing.

Jill Haley

Jill Haley’s oboe and English horn playing draws from classical, jazz and folk styles creating a sound that is her own. She can be heard on many internationally released recordings by pianists, guitarists and singers. She has released 3 recordings of original music about our National Parks. Her signature sound is also heard on seven releases by the trio, One Alternative.


VOICES FROM HEAVEN album featured on RADIOnuages

Best-selling Norwegian new age music keyboardist Tron Syversen
(photo left) has teamed with wordless vocalist Runar Halonen (photo right)  to create the powerful ambient recording, VOICES FROM HEAVEN. The voice of Halonen melds perfectly with the synthesizer sounds and sounds almost eerily synthesized itself at times. Hear several tracks from the album now on our International Radio Stream, "I have a professional studio where I have recorded a lot of artists and worked with them. The last year I have concentrated on my own music and I am in the process of recording and mixing around 30 pieces of music, most of them aiming at relaxation. Some of the music can also be used for meditation, film music and many other applications. My music has strong melody-lines. I believe that melody is important, and of course, harmony.
Most of my compositions have 3 or 4 themes or parts of 8 or 16 bars and last between 5 and 9 minutes. On most of the parts, I use professional musicians. 3 of the musicians playing on my CD's also play with ”Secret Garden” and one is employed in the Norwegian Opera Orchestra." -Tron Syversen

Paul Smithuis Dutch flute player

Paul is a musician pur sang. Music is his life and his passion. With the sounds of his wooden flute he fascinates his audience again and again. He is a self made artist who has built his career entirely on his own, without the support of sponsors or record label. At a young age Paul noted that making music is in his blood. When he gets into contact with the sounds of a flute during an evening group recital of the local brass band, it hits him right away. The instrument has stolen his heart and many years followed where Paul got lessons. Through playing in orchestras, combos and choirs he is able to develop his talent further. In addition to his musical talent Paul has also a great passion for sports and so for several years he practiced triathlon at a high level. This is momentarily side tracked because of the music. While his business career is no longer allowing him to practice the sport at a high level he concentrates on making music.


Thoughts of Tomorrow ... Uwe Gronau

A passionate...
album of instrumental music that is aligned to the future and leaves the dreamer in the ruins of his memory. Genre: New Age: Contemporary Instrumental. Selections now playing on
Despite all the problems in the world today, versatile German composer and keyboardist Uwe Gronau says, “I think humans are smart enough to create a good society for future generations, and one of the keys is the utilization of music.” The theme of pondering the future helped inspire the music on Gronau’s latest album, Thoughts of Tomorrow.

BHAKTI ... Paul Avgerinos

Perhaps the most joyful and uplifting Avgerinos project to date, Bhakti, is a Sanskrit word meaning love and devotion. It differs from his previous 18 albums in its Indian centric celebration of sound that also brings the Avgerinos voice front and center. Not since the 2005 album Phos Hilaron have we had the pleasure. This latest album combines Indian sitar, sarod, bansuri flute and violin with EWI, nylon guitar, groovy Bollywood beats and Christian Sanskrit mantras. Avgerinos combines devotion and joy perfectly to create a kirtan-lite new sound that is accessible to a wide audience.Bhakti – a celebration of love and devotion. Avgerinos offers a joyful and uplifting feast for the ears in this East meets West and Christian meets Hindu riot of sound. A must have for energizing any yoga practice! Selections now being heard around the world on the Internet via
Bhakti is love – loving God, loving your own self, and loving all beings. - Amma