RADIO nuages

'RADIO nuages' is distributed around the world by LIVE365 presenting creative background music with a touch of jazz and classical- perfect for working, studying, meditation, creativity and entertaining. Selected by many business offices as their source for environmental music. Basic mix of acoustic contemporary instrumental music aka NEW AGE.

Summon the Wind

Timothy Wenzel's album now on the RADIOnuages playlist.BIO As you drift though the music there is the distinct feeing of a man at peace, at one with his music: the notes flowing from his fingers through the medium of the keyboard. Fascinating, evocative, drifting to the level where it becomes difficult to separate the creator from the music – all is one, one is all. Using the river as a metaphor for life, that of a stream or force constantly moving onward, his new creation reflects so much more about the man involved in the creation of the music than ever before. - See more at: Wenzel Home Page

VIDEO: The title track from the newly-released album Summon the Wind. Ranging from lively to serene, from dances to laments, this carefully choreographed fourth album by Timothy Wenzel brims with melodic and memorable instrumental songs. Mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Corin Nelsen. Featuring guest artists Lenny Levash and Michael Rud. This video is meant for listening, not watching. Close your eyes and summon the song.

Sherry Finzer is an American flutist and composer.

Sherry Finzer is a national award-winning musician, and known for her contributions to the genre of flute music. She was a semi-finalist for a Grammy award nomination in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Sherry performs as a soloist, with guitarist Darin Mahoney, and other local, national and international musicians. She is known for her variety of musical styles, including New Age, Latin, flamenco, classical, pop and jazz, and she travels nationally and internationally to perform as a Pearl Flute Performing Artist and Recording Artist for Heart Dance Records. Selections from her album Sanctuary III, Beyond The Dream, have been added to the playlist of

VIDEO: Written by Darin Mahoney (BMI) for the album Transformation (Heart Dance Records), The Door tells a story of life's choices, and how each one of us chooses our destiny by the selection of our Doors. Sherry Finzer adds her unique and emotional melodies on the flute to Darin's beautiful and rich guitar.  WIKIPEDIA

Kathryn Kaye - Patterns of Sun and Shade added to playlist of RADIOnuages

Kathryn Kaye is a composer, organist and pianist. She has been classically trained but draws from her experiences in jazz, folk music from the Appalachian Mountains where she grew up and crafts music both simple and evocative. In her newest album, Patterns of Sun and Shade, Kathryn again pulls her imagery from nature and paints an audible picture of landscapes adrift in light and shadow. This album has a lighter feel than her first three, and has a lot of imagery of leaves, forests and trees. "Just the kind of place I love to be".



Rated as one of the top 30 guitarists in the world under 30 years of age by Acoustic Guitar magazine, comes an instrumentalist from Philadelphia whose compositions range in style from edgy driving rhythms to soft melodic phrases. Trevor Gordon Hall sets himself apart by leaving no physical aspect of the guitar untouched and weaving together different textures into grand yet intimate and lyrical compositions. His blend of each sound doesn’t overcomplicate but focuses on utilizing the instrument’s fullest creative and compositional potential. Trevor draws on his education in Philosophy and Theology in his dedication to expressing ideas and inspirations through music, and his focus on composition guides listeners through an igniting experience of music that isn’t just heard but felt.


Rick Sparks "ENDLESS"

Quiet piano to replenish your spirit. "Gorgeous arrangements - simple elegance! I love the pace and feel - you captured the magic of the songs." - Bill Leslie, 2014 World Music Album of the Year. The title for pianist/ composer Rick Sparks’ latest CD release, Endless, was prompted in part by the magnificent picture of a starry night sky over a tropical lagoon, by photographer Ben Canales. Yet, on a deeper level, for Rick, the title also reflects what he refers to as “God’s endless love for us.” This spiritual focus is what is at the heart of this beautiful music that he creates, in his words, “ to feed the soul.” The album opens with Gordon Lightfoot’s 1970 piece “Beautiful.” It then moves into the piece “Dream Angus.” When I first heard the title I immediately thought of last night’s dinner of a dreamy looking steak sitting on my plate and as I closed my eyes, my spirit was indeed replenished and rejuvenated. Whether by the thoughts of last night’s bliss or the beautiful piano music drifting over me, I felt the peace Sparks was trying to convey. Sleeping dreams can be had while we are awake if only we allow ourselves to see the greatness in all that God has provided us; sound and substance, melody and rapture, or even just a steak with some very lovely sauce. Piano and eloquence is the champagne of life.


Stephen Peppos, album STILL

Stephen Peppos’ highly energetic and at times frantic debut Vertigo was released over 6 years ago and over the years his creations have become increasingly pastoral and reflective. So those of you that are craving the return of the Indiana Jones of New Age music may be disappointed with his latest beauty. Still is an extension of what Peppos began on his prior release Stephen’s Dreams as he continues to focus on a more reflective and meditative music showing that when compared with his debut that stylistically he is a very ambidextrous musician. (Hear selections from STILL on Internet Radio.)  [Portions from review By Michael Debbage on October 10, 2014 ] 



Phil Coulter "Echoes of Home" CD

Composer, producer and performer Phil Coulter was the reigning king of contemporary Celtic music, becoming the best-selling Irish artist of his generation. Born in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1942, Coulter began his career while studying music at Belfast's Queens University. Coulter has been one of the best-selling instrumental artists of the past 25 years, selling millions of copies worldwide. His imaginative renditions of favorite melodies and his beautiful original compositions have captivated legions of fans for decades. Selected for this CD are some of the most beloved Celtic melodies of all time, with guest artists Paul Brady, Moya Brennan, Billy Connolly, Finbar Furey and John Sheahan add greatly to Phil's accomplished arrangements.